Free Altitude Spa Consultations:

Altitude Laser Spa is an oasis of unparalleled luxury and personal attention. A place to restore your youth and let our professional skin care experts help you rediscover a more BEAUTIFUL YOU!

Take advantage of a FREE consultation with one of our licensed professionals, who will help determine your individual needs. Phone us to schedule your appointment today at (403) 783-2999. We book free consultations for the following treatments:

  • IPL (laser hair removal)
  • Photo Rejuvenation (pigmentation, spider veins)
  • Venus (body contouring)
  • Jane Iredale (mineral makeup)
  • Injectables (Botox & Juvederm)
  • Permanent Makeup (lips, brows, eyeliner)


Advanced Skin Analysis Consultations:

Your complexion is the window through which your image is projected to the world. Did you know that 80% of women do not have a realistic knowledge of their skin type and skin condition? Scientists discovered a long time ago, that our skin consists of multiple layers but the only layer we can see with the human eye is the outer layer (epidermis).

Structure of the Human skin. Anatomy diagram. different cell types populating the skin.

Structure of the Human skin. Anatomy diagram. different cell types populating the skin.


Very often the deeper layers contain the keys to healthy skincare and the prevention of signs of aging.

The Observ 520 is a diagnostic imaging device which visualizes your total skin condition including the underlying “invisible” layers, skin structures and patterns. It can analyze spots (pigmentation), pores, wrinkles, evenness or unevenness, bacteria count and UV spots/photo damage, telling you how much actual damage sun exposure has caused to your skin.


The patented technology behind the Observ is based on the illumination and fluorescence of different kind of lights on facial skin. Within 30 minutes, you will have your personal skin analysis and you can start a new skin health plan!

The Observ 520 system helps your skin care therapist determine which products and treatments will work best for your skin condition and over time you will even be able to analyze and track your progress.



5 Benefits of a Skin Analysis with the Observ 520:

  1. Keep track of progress with your skin therapist
  2. Discrete and personal skin analysis report (print version or email)
  3. The ability to respond to real skin needs and prevent future imperfections by using the right products and treatments.
  4. A complete personal analysis of your current skin conditions.
  5. 100% safe and painless analysis method*

*One of the light modes being used in the Observ is, True UV. The dose of UV is just a fraction of the UV rays in sun light and even 3 times lower than conventional lamps and have been proven to be 100% safe.