Hands & Feet

At Altitude Spa we pride ourselves on striving to offer you the best customer service possible. Our instruments are only used on one customer. All non disposable instruments are then scrubbed, sanitized and rinsed before going into our autoclave sterilizer which is then bagged and sealed. We go above and beyond the expectations of the Canadian Spa Industry and Health Canada standards to ensure the best hygiene and care when you visit our spa.


Spa Manicure

This 60 minute treatment starts with a mineral salt soak & gentle exfoliation for your hands. After cuticle work and nail care is done your hands are warmly wrapped with a mango lavender mask to hydrate and soothe your skin. A light hand and arm massage is followed by your choice of polish.
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Men’s Manicure

Hands are exfoliated and relieved of any dryness. This is followed by a relaxing massage, cuticle conditioning and nails are trimmed and shaped.
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Express Manicure

If you’re short on time, why not take 30 minutes out of your day to get an express manicure? Starting with an acai mineral soak Nails are then shaped and a polish of your choice is applied.
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Gel Nails Initial Full Set

The best alternative to long lasting nails that will withstand any common tasks while making your hands look healthy and nature. The Gel nails services we provide are perfect for those who have different lifestyles, doesn’t matter if you are a house-wife or a business professional. Gel nails will never go yellow or fade, they will never chip or crack. Altitude Laser Spa nail treatment and services can provide gel nails in all styles that will match your fingernail shape and size.
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  • Complex Gel Fill

Relax Your Soul Pedicure

A detoxifying pedicure and the ultimate relaxation. We begin with an aromatic pacific seaweed soak. Continue with Cuticle, Callus, and nail care using an electric file. A green tea pacific seaweed exfoliation is applied and taken off through light massage. Your feet are then wrapped with a seaweed mineral mask and warm towels. A lower leg hot stone massage with green tea Indian spice serum and polish application of your choice finishes this treatment.
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Footlogix Pedicure

The ultimate medi-pedi, this treatment begins with an analysis of your feet. We can treat rough dry heels, cracks, problem nails and fungus. A warm foot soak concentrate with anti-fungal properties softens calluses and cuticles. We then use an electric file for nail and foot work and top off this treatment with a polish of your choice.
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Ultimate Reflexology Pedicure

A natural, alternative therapy whereby, a system of reflex areas reflect the image of the body in your feet. When gentle pressure is applied to these reflexes the benefits may include relief of tension, improved circulation and help to promote the bodies natural functions. Experience the healing powers of this pedicure with one of our registered massage therapists certified in reflexology. *Insurance Friendly!*
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Men’s Pedicure

A warm foot soak and gentle sea salt scrub is applied. Cuticle, callus and nail work is done followed by a light foot massage with green tea Indian spice serum and seaweed body butter.
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Express Pedicure

If you’re short on time this treatment only takes 45 minutes. Starting with an aromatic pacific seaweed soak nails are shaped and painted with a polish of your choice.

*This pedicure does not include callous work on the feet*
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Upgrades For Hands & Feet

  • French Polish Hands / Feet
  • OPI Gel Overlay Hands / Feet
  • OPI Gel Overlay Removal